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Cloud Computing Services Chichester. Cloud management, server virtualisation and application streaming services.

We can help your business reduce the cost of website and server maintenance, and also improve resilience by renting a VPS, a Virtual Private Server. Our virtual servers are housed in state of the art data centres with no single point of failure, and 1 Gbps internet connectivity to offer blindingly fast performance, from as little as £20 per month!

If you need help in deciding how cloud computing can work for you, give us a ring and our server virtualisation experts will talk you through the process and help you make the best choice.

Utilising application streaming technology, we can install applications which we are streamed to your any desktop you may be working on via a website browser, as if they were installed on your local computer. With a cloud setup, you can work from anywhere in the world, logging onto your normal desktop using any computer, with an internet connection!

If your home or office were to suffer a disaster you could quickly be up and running in a new temporary, or even work from home, knowing that your valuable data, programs and files are safe on our website servers, where they are protected by our cutting edge server virtualisation technology.

For any advice or consultancy on either our server virtualisation or application streaming services, one of our website developers in Chichester will be happy to discuss your needs and explain how our solutions can be put to work for your organisation.

Chichester Website Design provides professional Cloud Computing Services, and we are able to assist your business with:

  • General cloud computing queries
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • SOA, SaaS
  • Windows cloud solutions
  • Google cloud
  • Grid computing
  • Our Custom Cloud services
  • Cloud storage Cloud hosting
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud server and cloud hosting solutions
  • Other Cloud service
  • Private cloud setup
  • Your cloud software options
  • Cloud management services
  • And cloud backup solutions

Irrespective of whether you seek a more secure solution as an individual, or operating as a business, we will provide you with the consultancy you need to make informed purchasing decisions, on our comprehensive range of cloud services, from our website design in Chichester. to website hosting, search engine optimisation and ecommerce website design and development and website hosting.